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We are all about being pet parents and loving our "kids" together.  

We both have extensive experience working with animals, each having about 35 years in various segments of the Pet Industry.  After selling our Boarding facility in Vermont,we relocated to Florida in 1994 where we resumed ours careers in the Pet Industry.  

Our first Chesapeake was named Jersey.  She was born from a very special litter combining Silvercreek and Chesabar Kennels.  Silverbar's I'm  a Jersey Girl earned her Championship title very quickly being handled mostly by George.

Sadly we lost Jersey in Sept 2018.

In 2010 we bred Jersey to Ch. Chesabar's Copper Reflection JH RN aka Two Spots .  At the time,  Two Spots was the #1 Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  From that breeding we kept a boy, Rider and a girl, Addie.  Both Addie and Rider earned their Championship titles in the Bred by Class.  Rider is now a Grand Champion with a Group Placement.  He held in the top 20 Chesapeakes in 2017 ending the year as the #13 Chessie.  We are very proud of him!

At 8 1/2 years old, Addie went to Field training quickly earning her Junior Hunter title in 4 passes!   We are very proud of her success in the field!

Both have sweet personalities and amazing instincts.  They are graduates of Obedience classes and all are avid swimmers, Dock Divers and have had agility fun times.
Recently we acquired two more Chessies, one from Spinnaker Ridge named Spinnaker's Kismet on Gulf  Water aka Kizzy.  She just turned one year old and is currently at field training.

June 2015 Addie had a litter after breeding with GrCh Indian River's Oak Marsh.  We kept one girl named Gulf Water's Brielle Ocean Breeze aka Brielle.

November 2018 brought us Savanah Oak's Reflection on Gulf Water, aka A.J.  She is the daughter of Briggs, who is a littermate to Brielle.  She resembles her Grandomother Addie so much that we named her Addie Juniorette, aka A.J. 

Besides our Chessies, we currently have a Chihuahua, and a Schnauzer mix., three kitties,  five tortoises,  two salt water tanks and a goldfish pond.

Carolyn, George, Rider, Addie, Kizzy, A. J, Mags, Woody, Keeper, Ditzy, Callie, TT, Shelly and Rocky, Boulder and Stoney.
Jersey in our hearts

We hope you enjoy our site and consider a Gulf Water's Chesapeake to join your family!

About Carolyn


I grew up in New Jersey in a house full of animals.  We always had dogs, cats, birds, and various reptiles and amphibians.  My love for animals grew stronger every year.  Focusing on becoming a Veterinarian, life changes and instead of Veterinary school, other positions in the pet industry came my way.

After working as a Veterinary Surgical Assistant in NJ, and working a boarding kennel, I moved to Vermont in 1983 to work with a large/small animal Veterinarian.  After working there for a few years, I then worked for two vets specializing in avian and wildlife medicine.   At the same time working pet retail in charge of the avian section.

In 1988 I began working at a boarding/training/grooming facility.  What a dream job!  I loved it!  The owner was my now husband George.  

After working there, we obviously got together, and sold the kennel to pursue other opportunities and moved Florida in 1994.  We moved down with 9 dogs, 3 cats and 2 birds, it was quite the drive!

I groomed dogs while George pursued marketing positions in the Pet Industry.  

In 1997 we started a Limited Service Veterinary business employing over 150 people and contracting over 200 veterinarians.   

We brought our first Chessie, Jersey into our home in 2005.  She was a dream come true.  So much fun and added so much to our lives.  Admittedly i did not have a lot of interest in conformation shows until George brought Jersey in the ring and I saw fun ahead!  Jersey earned her Championship very quickly.

Selling our business in 2009 opened new opportunities for both of us.  I took time off for Jersey's litter.   We kept two puppies and George schooled me in in handling, and I showed both dogs in the Bred by Class.  Between the two of us, we finished Addie and Rider in the Bred by Class.

After that I started a business as an Independent Pet Product Rep.  After working that for five years, I was hired on with Fromm Family Foods as a Retail Specialist.

About George


Growing up in Bucks County Pa, I pursued my acting career in NYC. with my then wife Linda.  After 9 years, we decided to open a business that we could enjoy together.   Both having a passion for dogs, we decided to enroll in a Professional Grooming school.  In 1976, we opened a grooming salon in Penndel Pa. and immersed ourselves in canine nutriion, canine behavior and training of dogs.  We trained in Schutzhund and all levels of Obedience.  We attended numerous classes and seminars.  We were introduced to Jack and Wendy Volhard who we studied with and they later introduced us to Elinor Ayers, the owner of Seaward Kennels.  Ms Ayers offered us a position at Seaward which was the leading  Newfoundland show kennel in the u.SUU.S...  We were responsible for care and development of 50+ Newfies including Seaward's Black Beard "Adam", Westminster Best of Show winner 1984.

From there, in 1985  we decided to open our own Boarding facility in Vermont, named Wundrland Pet Lodge.  While running the kennel we  pursued our all breed Professional Dog Show handling career.  

In 1984, Fromm Family Foods hired me because of my breeding and pet nutritional history experiences.  I worked there as a business developer as a result of me searching for food that was a suitable replacement for raw diets that we were feeding at Seward kennels.

After an amicable divorce, I continued working the kennel and showing career along with developing with Fromm.  

After meeting Carolyn, and deciding our future will take a turn, we moved to Florida in 1994.  I worked with several pet related companies in their operations and product development.  

In 1997 our Limited Service Veterinary Co was born and we built that business and sold it in 2009.  I then continued consulting for Fromm Family Foods agreeing to be their Director of Sales in 2011.