Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?   

Sarasota, FL

Do you show your dogs in Conformation?

Yes, we have shown our three of our Chesapeakes to Championship.  Both Addie and Rider were finished out of the Bred by Class.

Do you offer anything with the sale of your puppies?  

Yes, all pups go home with AKC registration, Health Certificates, Microchip, a bag of food and toys....and a dose of Heartworm prevention and flea/tick control.

Do you remove dewclaws?

Yes we do

Do you recommend crate training?


How do i socialize my puppy? 

Socialization is extremely important with all puppies.  We will discuss with you at length the proper processes and how to achieve a well socialized pup.

Do you use your Chesapeake for hunting?  

No, but all have had  hunt training with great instincts.  Addie recently earned her Junior Hunter title in 4 8 1/2 years old!  Brielle was at Field training, came home, and will return to earn her JH in the summer/fall 2019.  Kizzy is currently at field training now.

Have you bred dogs in the past?   

Yes, we have bred Newfies, Welsh Terriers, Border Terriers, and Rotties.  We have assisted many other breeders with different breeds.

Do you have other dogs or pets?  

Yes, we currently have a Rescue Chihuahua and a rescue Schnauzer mix.  We also have 3 rescued cats, and 5 rescued turtles.  We have 2 salt water tanks and a goldfish pond.

Do you have to sign a contract when you buy a puppy from Gulf Water Kennels?  

Yes, we have contracts for pet and for show quality pups.

Do you have a guarantee on the puppies?   

Yes, 2 years on eyes and hips.

Do you take back a puppy?  

Yes.  We will provide you with any help and information that we can to help your dog stay at your home, but if it is just not possible, we will always take back a puppy or adult dog.

Do you encourage training?

Absolutely, we recommend starting your puppy immediately and following through to at least Level 2.

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